TV & Video Ad Workflow

We Make Your Strategies Easy to Activate.

Brands look to you to choreograph the perfect plan so ads play in front of the right people, wherever they are, at scale.

That’s the goal. But there’s a catch.
While building a reach strategy today requires a screen-agnostic approach, the workflow for executing traditional TV and Video are each completely different.

Things can get really complicated.
An ad gets to traditional TV one very specific way. That same ad gets to digital video sites, DSPs and media aggregators through a totally different process. And along the way, each side speaks a different language. Uh-oh.

We felt your pain. So we cured it.
We built the single technology platform that handles every aspect of TV and Video advertising workflow in one place.

All the unique needs for each and every step, and every team along the way, are built right in. It’s complex behind the scenes but for our clients, we make it easy.

Extreme Reach. Altogether Now.

Not to boast, but no one knows more about TV and Video ad workflows. So it makes sense that we’d build the industry’s only cloud platform that handles both. Finally—great creative meets brilliant media strategy in a way that’s easy to execute, monitor and optimize.

And that’s just the start. When each workflow is integrated with the other in the platform, everyone works faster, better and smarter—saving money, eliminating multiple steps and dramatically increasing speed-to-market.

Faster to Market

Faster to Market

Reduce time to launch by weeks and eliminate errors.

We can move an ad, in perfect quality, from finished to the right screens everywhere in a few hours.

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste

When TV, Video and Talent are managed in one place, you eliminate significant buckets of wasted spend.

First, you ensure Talent & Rights compliance across every screen. Last year, brands paid over $75 million in late fees and penalties when ads flooded out of the set and on to video screens everywhere.

Second, agencies pay Extreme Reach many millions of dollars every year in DPS charges—or Digital Production Services—to format and transcode TV ads to play perfectly on video screens. When Extreme Reach handles TV and Video ad delivery, those charges go to zero. Please stop paying us when you don't need to!

Better Teamwork = Better, Faster Results

Better Teamwork = Better, Faster Results

When each team plays their specific role in one integrated cloud platform, there is no operational friction to slow things down. And despite best intentions, when different teams rely solely on manual hand-offs and human communication in todays light-speed landscape, costly problems and mishaps are commonplace.

Teams sit in so many different locations but if they all work in the same place, everyone is more successful -- and happy.

No Surprises

No Surprises

Working budgets are finite and expectations are high.

With one workflow platform for all teams, you reduce uncertainty, unexpected costs, campaign delays and overall pain.

Keep tabs on the converging worlds of TV, Video and Talent. 

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