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Behind Every Process are Real People

Our platform unifies the TV and Video ad workflow from start-to-finish, uniting everyone that plays a hand in ad campaign success.

Today, teams are often geographically dispersed and working inside different agencies and holding companies. When everyone works seamlessly in the same cloud platform to send a great ad to TV and Video screens, it’s altogether better for everyone.

Technology Built by and for Human Beings

At Extreme Reach, we believe software should work with people, not just for them.
That’s why we continuously develop innovative and remarkable technology that empowers each individual so that the whole team moves better, faster and smarter together, on behalf of the brand.

Unlike other technology companies with layers of product managers, Extreme Reach strives for a tight feedback loop between developers and customers so that the company’s feature refinements are constantly informed by client input. The result is continuous, relentless forward progress.

Customer-Centric Innovation

We take our lead from our customers.

Sometimes that means they ask for new software features that will streamline their day-to-day work. But often that also means we see operational friction on their behalf, through their eyes, and bring them technology solutions they didn’t realize was possible. Either way, everything we invent, develop and solve is to make our customers more successful.

14-Day Product Release Cycle

Few traditions at Extreme Reach are as strong as our two-week upgrade release schedule.

This approach of constant, frequent refinements rather than infrequent major overhauls recognizes the market we serve. In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of TV and Video advertising—particularly as it floods on to a dizzying array of mobile devices — incremental, iterative platform upgrades allow us to move fast to address whatever our customers need.

Our engineers are a special breed. They live to invent, they’re driven to solve problems and they exist to help people. They are equally brilliant at thinking big and solving the smallest things that make a huge difference in the daily work of our customers.

Rock Solid Technology

We take great pride in our state-of-the-art platform that combines unlimited capacity with always-on reliability and constantly evolving capabilities.

Yes, cloud-computing brings access from anywhere, infinite processing power, vast digital storage, accelerated file transfer tools and so many other imperatives to our industry. But for you, it simply brings ease-of-mind and the certainty that everything you need and expect will happen according to plan.

We are always eager to talk about massive scalability, load balancing, fail-safe redundancy, flexible services-based architecture and other geeky topics, so please contact us to learn more.

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Video Asset API
Video Asset API

With our groundbreaking Video Asset API, access the creative you need to power programmatic Video and TV campaigns. Eliminate late starts, extra costs and hassle. The ads live here but play everywhere.


Tiny code, big benefit. Ever get hit with nasty late fees and penalties when ads escape the TV on the wall and run where they aren’t supposed to play? It’s so easy to eliminate that problem now.

TV + Video Analytics
TV + Video Analytics

TV and Video measurement in one place for your whole buy. GRPs, digital ratings, brand lift, viewability, non-human traffic and much more. Are you dizzy from analyzing disparate data sets from each vendor? Take some of the madness out of working in media today and see things clearly.

Nothing beats seeing for yourself.

Contact us today to schedule a full platform demo.

Dan Brackett

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

“We’ve always emphasized communication above all else. One talented engineer, on the front lines and empowered to get things done, can accomplish 10 times what the average back-room person can do. We’ve found that it’s easier to train somebody in the technology than to train them to become good communicators. Make no mistake though. We don’t hire technological neophytes but we do vet deeply qualified recruits thoroughly for communication acumen. Our philosophy emphasizes employee empowerment over bureaucratic rules and that enables our teams to move fast and effectively as we meet client needs in real-time.”

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