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Extreme Reach Scores Big at Super Bowl LIV

Company Delivered Majority of Ads for Linear TV Broadcast and Digital Stream; Managed Talent & Rights for Performers in Commercial Spots

New York, NY – February 6, 2020Extreme Reach (ER), the complete asset management solution for TV and video ad creative, today announced its leading role in delivering the large majority of in-game commercial spots both for the linear TV broadcast and digital stream of Super Bowl LIV. With responsibility for 70% of in-game spots, including all NFL promos, for the linear TV broadcast and over 80% of digital in-game ads, ER maintained its long-standing competitive lead in ensuring creative assets were delivered in pristine condition for air. The company also provided critical services including Talent & Rights management, network clearance, post production and quality control to ensure the ads aired in compliance with broadcast and union regulations.

With rates reaching $5.6 million for 30-seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl, any fumbling of video assets can turn the championship game into a disappointing experience for a brand. ER’s involvement in campaigns can begin as early as the concepting for a spot, when the clearance and budgeting processes are initiated. The company’s Talent division handles contract management for performers seen and heard on camera, ensuring that all are properly compensated for their work. In the weeks and days prior to the event itself, ER facilitates the final steps of ad distribution including traffic instructions, multiple levels of quality control and delivery to the network and is the only company that sits on-site at the network media center to ensure the stories come alive on all screens flawlessly.

“It’s not just the teams on the field that have a long road to the Super Bowl — the ads do, too,” said Tim Conley, CEO, Extreme Reach. “Few people realize that the behind-the-scenes work on game day campaigns begins months in advance. We’ve been focused for over a decade on video-first creative asset management, supporting marketers and their agencies with innovative workflow solutions and stellar customer service. The Super Bowl is one of the world’s largest marketing stages and we are really proud that our clients trust us to steward their precious assets, especially when the stakes are so high.”

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach (ER) has revolutionized the way marketers and their agencies control the deployment of creative assets and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns across the complex media landscape. The company’s creative asset management platform, AdBridge™, is built upon a decade of innovation—seamlessly integrating video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management.

With over 13 million ad creative assets in its care, every path to any screen is built right inside with over 750 team members ensuring customer success. ER connects the buy and sell sides of the advertising ecosystem for the new way creative gets everywhere.