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Extreme Reach Releases Advertising Industry’s First End-to-End Technology Solution for TV + Digital Video Convergence


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Extreme Reach
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Enhances industry-standard video platform by offering a single, streamlined solution
to facilitate industry-wide shift towards video convergence

NEEDHAM, MA – September 15, 2014 – Extreme Reach, Inc., the leading provider of TV and digital video advertising solutions, announced today that it has released the advertising industry’s first end-to-end technology solution to seamlessly bridge TV and digital advertising operations and measurement. For the first time, brands and agencies have an online suite of tools to support their shift toward TV, online and mobile video convergence. The new release enables advertisers to cut their advertising workflow steps by up to 50 percent and unify the campaign measurement of all video advertising together, including traditional television.

While the advertising agency model has historically offered two separate buying and operational structures — one for TV and one for digital — the acceleration of video consumption across multiple screens has in turn spurred the convergence of TV and digital video within the advertising industry.

  • More media packages and buys are targeting unified audiences through both TV and digital video together.
  • Advertisers increasingly view metrics from both TV and digital side-by-side to understand synergies and opportunities enabled by the combination.
  • More than 90 percent of the video ads that run online also run on TV.
  • Ad agencies are bringing TV and digital teams and workflows together for greater efficiency and control.
  • The industry as a whole is paying closer attention to digital video quality and seeking online viewing experiences that are more TV-like in quality.

Until now, these changes haven’t been adequately supported with technology solutions that enable advertisers to realize the benefits, opportunities and scale of true convergence.

The new convergence capabilities introduced by Extreme Reach include a single end-to-end workflow for executing campaigns across both TV and digital media and a new Convergence Dashboard that presents a broad set of realtime cross-media metrics.

These new solutions empower brands and agencies to:

Activate video campaigns across TV and digital media together on a single platform with the same streamlined process, reducing workflow steps by up to 50 percent.

Connect TV and digital teams around the same ad creative to ensure all creative is easy to access and used in accordance with talent, rights and expiration terms.

Take control of the quality of their digital video ads and ensure that they are presented in the highest possible quality across all video media.

Measure TV and digital campaigns together with converged metrics that provide cross-media transparency and help level the TV and digital playing fields for media planners and buyers.

Apply realtime measurement, including social media and digital ad effectiveness metrics, to inform immediate optimization of digital and TV creative.

Optimize campaigns across every screen with a unified array of media, engagement and audience metrics, and use the integrated tools to immediately respond to those insights.

“TV and digital video advertising campaigns are converging, but prior to our solution, companies only had the technology and expertise to support either the TV workflow or the digital video workflow,” said John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach. “Advertisers want to reach their consumers no matter what screen or device they are using. Our video platform enables a highly efficient, unified workflow. It makes it easy for advertisers to run the same, professionally produced commercials across all screens and devices while receiving realtime analytics so they can optimize their campaigns. We have a very unique strategic offering and we are proud to be leading the industry forward.”

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach is the leading provider of cross-media video advertising solutions that span TV, online and mobile. The company is also a leading provider of integrated tools for managing critical talent and rights issues. Thousands of brands and agencies, including nearly all of the Ad Age 100, look to Extreme Reach to activate, measure and optimize video advertising campaigns. The Extreme Reach video convergence platform is the first to streamline workflows and unify cross-media insights across TV and digital video media. The company’s cross-media video ad delivery network is the world’s largest, digitally connecting to more than 10,000 video media outlets. Extreme Reach manages and delivers 85 percent of all North American TV advertising and provides the most comprehensive digital campaign measurement capabilities in the industry. Extreme Reach is headquartered in Needham, Mass., with offices in 15 cities across North America.