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Extreme Reach Joins IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework

Video Ad Serving in Europe, Now Supported Through ER’s Cloud Platform, AdBridge™Provides Expanded Reach for Clients

New York, NY — June 29, 2021 — Extreme Reach (ER), the complete global asset management solution for TV and video ads, today announced their approved status as the latest independent ad server to join IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). In joining the TCF, Extreme Reach ensures compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive. Extreme Reach also follows the IAB’s California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance framework in the U.S.

The TCF was developed by IAB Europe in collaboration with organisations and professionals in the digital advertising industry. It provides transparency to consumers about how, and by whom, their personal data is processed. It also enables users to express choices. Moreover, the TCF enables vendors engaged in programmatic advertising to know ahead of time whether their own and/or their partners’ transparency and consent status allows them to lawfully process personal data for online advertising and related purposes.

“We are proud to join the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework as we expand our offerings globally with our recent acquisition of Adstream,” said Tim Conley, CEO and Co-Founder of Extreme Reach. “As a long-time member of the IAB and IAB Tech Lab in the U.S, we are committed to simplifying the digital advertising ecosystem with seamless asset management and campaign execution for marketers while always ensuring high quality, privacy compliant viewing experiences for consumers.”

Through TCF, publishers can continue funding themselves through relevant online advertising, and brands can continue to reach their audiences. All the while and most importantly, consumer privacy is protected.

The added registration of Extreme Reach to TCF, further bolsters IAB Europe’s mission to raise the standard and trust in digital advertising across Europe.

Parties interested in joining TCF to give audiences full visibility and control over who can process their data in connection with advertising, should visit

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach (ER) is the only end-to-end global platform that connects and simplifies the creative logistics and activation of multichannel campaigns for marketers, agencies and regional partners. The centralization of all creative assets and campaign workflow in one platform delivers visibility, control and agility, giving brands a competitive advantage in today’s complex media landscape. From concept, through every stage of production, asset management, campaign clearance and deployment, to performance reporting and analytics with talent payment and usage rights management fully integrated, ER moves creative at the speed of media with assets cleared for use, and in compliance, everywhere.

With the acquisition of Adstream in June 2021, ER now operates in 140 countries and 45 languages, representing the top 100 global brands with close to 400 million creative assets under management. With workflow, reporting and analytics in one place, ER gives clients the control and the insight they need across the marketing supply chain to optimize productivity and profitability.