Are you a performer paid by Extreme Reach?

Quickly access frequently requested forms below or contact us about any changes regarding tax information, status or address.

Have you changed your address?

If you’ve moved and need to give us your new address, just complete the Change of Address Form here.  It includes directions for submitting to us.

Need to report changes to your W-4 or W-9 filing status?

To change your withholding allowances or submit new information on your W-4, or to change your W-9 filing status, please download the form below and return it to us by fax at 312.726.4405, email, or mail to Extreme Reach, Attn: Payroll Operations, 111 W Jackson Blvd., Suite 1525, Chicago, IL 60604

Please be advised that we can’t provide tax advice.  You’ll need to talk to your tax advisor about your specific situation.

Questions about Minor Trusts?

If you need to send us information about your Minor Trust, please use the following form. (For more information and additional forms related to Minor Trusts, please review the “Minors Forms” found here.)

Need a copy of your Tax Forms? 

Additional Tax Questions?

Please call our Tax Support Team at 888.346.7337 (10am-7pm Eastern Time)

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