Why Social Video Will Be Key During This Year’s Super Bowl

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Video will take on outsize importance during this year’s Super Bowl advertising blitz. But there’s a specific type of video advertising that’s going to be particularly important this year, and that’s social video. The biggest reason is the huge social audience: Facebook estimates there are now more than 100 million hours of video consumed on the site each day, and video-focused social app Snapchat is estimated to reach nearly 50% of all consumers in the 18-34 year old age bracket. Here are three reasons why social video can help supercharge the advertising efforts for brands hoping to get attention during this year’s game:

Social video advertising is the perfect complement to TV
The beauty of social video is that the messaging often works to reinforce the campaigns consumers see on TV. As more consumers “second screen” during live TV events, there’s a powerful opportunity to boost the recall of ad campaigns by using more than one screen and channel. A recent study by Facebook and Simulcast found that TV ads shown in connection with a Facebook ad from the same brand can lift conversion by as much as 500%.

Social is where the conversation about the game happens
Consumers may be watching the game on TV, but social media is where they’re talking about the most important moments and commercials. In fact, as Oreo’s blockbuster tweet from 2013 demonstrated, there’s significant power in using social to capitalize on real-time moments. Twitter’s Amplify platform is just one of many social tools that help advertisers place pre-roll video into the newsfeeds of consumers related to key topics from the game. And the continued growth of live video on social is likely to expand the opportunities even further.

Social video adds a new level of granularity to targeting
TV is the ultimate vehicle for reaching a lot of consumers at the same. But it’s not always efficient when it comes to targeting specific demographic or psychographic groups. That’s where social media can offer a lot of value, specifically as brands seek to micro-target their most important brand advocates. This point is even more important in an era of cross-device and multi-tasking advertising, where it’s gotten more complicated to track which consumers are seeing which ads on what screen. Social properties like Facebook have a deep understanding of consumers not always available for TV campaigns.

Social media is increasingly evolving from a fun “side show” into a key component of the main event. Take a look at how your brand can pair this rapidly evolving medium with existing TV ads and Super Bowl campaigns in future.

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