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Q1 2022 Video Benchmarks, Extreme Reach Insights

CTV Impressions Rise as Advertisers Fully Embrace the Channel

The world of digital video advertising is evolving at a rapid pace. At ER, we’ve seen a distinct shift in how advertisers reached consumers during the first quarter of 2022, portending a potential year of transition across the market and return to pre-pandemic levels across the media mix. Highlights from the report include:

  • At 38% share of impressions, CTV led all other devices in impressions served in Q1, up 23% from the previous quarter’s 31% share of impressions. 
  • Part of CTV’s bounce-back was the sheer number of advertisers utilizing the channel in Q1. For 67% of our ad serving clients, CTV accounted for between 50 and 100% of the total ad mix. 
  • An inverse correlation between the share of impressions going to CTV and those going to mobile in-app, is seen in the data. Advertisers who focus heavily on CTV impressions are notably low in mobile in-app and those who devote a smaller share to CTV are notably high in impressions on mobile-app.
  • Mobile in-app impressions have been steadily increasing since Q1 of 2021, rising from 22% to 26% in Q1 2022, a change of 18%. 

Highlights for full year 2021 are included in the press release.

Download ER’s quarterly and annual video advertising benchmarks, 2016 through Q1 2022, here.