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Top Honors for ER’s Marketing Video and Blog at Two 2020 Awards Competitions

Here at Extreme Reach, we’re celebrating recent wins at two annual awards competitions: the 2020 dotCOMM and Videographer Awards. ER earned accolades for its “Beware the Air Quotes!” marketing video, as well as for the company’s blog. (Yes, the blog that you’re reading right now is officially an award winner!)

“Beware the Air Quotes” won Videographer Awards in the categories of Web Based Production for Marketing Service and Webmercial, and at the 2020 dotCOMM Awards, “Air Quotes” claimed Platinum for Marketing Service, as well as Platinum for Short Form under 3 minutes. The spot was created to promote AdBridge™, ER’s centralized, video-first, creative asset management platform, used by leading brands to manage assets and streamline workflow in launching cross platform campaigns.

We worked with comedy director Ben Weinstein, owner of production company Two Nineteen, and writer Cedric Giese to broaden industry awareness of the pain points marketing teams face in managing video assets and launching campaigns on time. Shot in mockumentary-style, “Beware the Air Quotes” tells the story of a team of colleagues who betray the weaknesses of the system used to launch campaigns, with an overabundance of “air quoting” their promises.

In the video, eight comedy actors (all trained in improv) shine a light on the inefficiencies and financial risks inherent in launching digital campaigns. Their lack of faith leads their boss to hunt for a solution to the inefficiencies of old-school campaign activation. Her answer? ER’s AdBridge.

“Workflow challenges in advertising are incredibly common, but they’re not commonly discussed. Our goal for this campaign was to change that, bringing these issues to the forefront using humor to educate and persuade while also entertaining marketers,” said Melinda McLaughlin, CMO at Extreme Reach. “We are very proud to receive these honors and believe they’re a testament not only to the quality of the campaign, but also to the fact that accepting delivery delays and errors is, in itself, rather absurd.”

Bringing “Air Quotes” to life involved a lot of collaboration across ER, beyond the Marketing team who, naturally, loved every minute of it. Talent & Rights management of the performers was all done in-house and everything was filmed in our own NYC office where our kitchen and eating areas were seamlessly transformed into hair and makeup, wardrobe and Craft services.

Additional insight from the writer and director can be found in this interview with