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The Power of Digital Media

For younger generations, digital media weaves a tapestry of television, gaming and user-generated content (UGC) that lets consumers access information, revel in myriad forms of entertainment, and build communities. That interconnected power has big implications for marketers, according to Deloitte, which surveyed 2,020 people in the U.S. for its “2023 Digital Media Trends” report. Here are some top takeaways.

  • Online connections: Nearly half of Gen Z and millennials spend more time interacting with friends on social media than in the physical world, while 40% say they socialize more via video games than real life. The power of gaming and UGC to provide not only social connection but also a deep sense of immersion into something new can’t be denied.
  • Ad-supported streaming: Millennials and Gen Zers are growing frustrated by the cost of streaming video on demand (SVOD) services. That’s led to churn (cancellation of services) by those demographics at rates of 62% and 57%, respectively. Roughly 60% of households now use a free ad-supported streaming platform, prompting companies to incorporate such tiers into previously ad-free models (hello, Netflix!) while offering additional deals at a time when customers are especially focused on value.
  • Gaming worlds: Video games can boost confidence, according to one-third of gamers who say they have a better self-image when actively participating in a story rather than passively watching one. Gamers can be the stars of their own epic adventures—a thrill that’s hard to beat and which many invest in through tech upgrades, virtual enhancements, and other experiences introduced by the gaming industry.
  • User-generated content: Social media influencers not only drive brand awareness, they also build authentic trust around content and products. Roughly 40% of Gen Z and millennials report being more influenced about purchasing by creators than by customer reviews on a shopping site. That’s why many brands now leverage the power of social media to fuel the creation of UGC content by trusted brand influencers.

Digital media has become more interconnected, and its many avenues and platforms affect the ways younger consumers work, play, interact and live. Savvy brands are tapping into that reality to reach digital users on the channels where they’re spending time—and Extreme Reach can help facilitate those interactions. Across digital or linear screens, in any region of the world, ER’s technology and teams bring speed, accuracy and insight to every campaign. Reach out today to learn more.