The Case for Ad Clouds: Extreme Reach, Adstream and Ad-ID Collaborate on Tech White Paper

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Extreme Reach has partnered with Adstream, Ad-ID and the IAB’s Tech Lab on a white paper to drive awareness of a problem in the industry that is holding back advancements toward automation, accuracy and speed in launching campaigns. The paper, titled, Two Lanes Tangled in Digital Video Are Preventing Automation, promotes the adoption of ad clouds and a universal asset identifier.

“The collaboration was born out of a desire to put aside competitive differences and unite to move the industry forward by establishing standards in video advertising that will massively simplify workflows for delivering video ads across advanced TV and online video,” said Dan Brackett, CTO, Extreme Reach. “This is one of those rare moments when a rising tide — wide adoption of ad clouds — will absolutely lift all boats. The entire ecosystem stands to benefit.”

Unique identifiers for ads, along with automated workflow processes, are steps advertisers can take to speed fulfillment of programmatic ad requests and streamline outdated manual workflow processes that add cost and delay to campaign launches. The white paper delves deeper into the issues surrounding asset execution as well as how ad clouds work and the benefits they offer.

This big, thorny problem of video campaign activation is imminently solvable. Read on to learn more.

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