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Speeding the Creative Execution of Video Ad Campaigns

“Streaming” is a simple concept that has the power to transform industries. When Netflix® introduced streaming, it changed the way people watched movies. When Spotify® launched its streaming music platform, consumers shifted from downloading copies of songs to accessing playlists on any device. The same process reinvented the sharing of photos and videos. Instead of sending copies to family and friends, we simply share a link to an online album.

But the power of streaming isn’t just transforming consumer products. Today streaming technology has the power to transform video advertising, a market sector constrained by a serious problem. One side of the equation, media buying, operates in milliseconds. The other—filling that impression with the creative—is mired in error-prone, manual processes that waste time and money and sap the energy out of overworked teams.

It’s time to bring the streaming revolution to the video advertising sector. Extreme Reach’s eBook, “Video Ad Streaming: A Simple Change That Will Set A New Industry Standard,” offers the perfect roadmap for how to get started. Within this helpful report, you’ll learn:

  • How outdated industry workflow processes contribute to video campaign delays, millions of dollars of talent penalties and poor quality creative
  • What agencies can do to enable screen-agnostic planning and buying processes
  • How to ensure optimal campaign performance across a variety of screens and devices
  • Why it sometimes still takes weeks to deliver video campaign creative for launch
  • Why the rise of programmatic advertising will force advertisers and agency to update manual creative processes

Find out how easy it is to stream video ad creative. Download your free eBook today.