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Q&A with FOX TV’s Mark Watson

Mark Watson is SVP, Commercial Administration and Program Operations at FOX. He shares his thoughts about Super Bowl spots and how working in the industry gives him a different perspective on game day.

As a TV executive, do you think you watch the Super Bowl differently than those who don’t work in the industry?

Of course, sometimes I wish I could still see it from an outsiders perspective.  Now what I see is how many spots an advertiser has, where they are and if anything is unique about them.

What is one of your favorite Super Bowl ads and why?

My favorites are the ones that show up early and don’t need to be screened … Just kidding. Last year’s Audi commercial talking about equal pay for women. I thought it was good then, and it’s even better now.

Is there a specific brand or brand vertical (snacks, alcohol, automotive, retail) that tends to grab your attention during the Super Bowl?

The movie ads always do. You never know what they are going to bring, and the studios are great to work with.

What do you think about brands leaking their Super Bowl spots in advance of the game?

I have always thought it was a big mistake.  I’m glad to see them holding them back this year. It makes sense.

What does a Super Bowl ad spot mean for a brand?

For a large brand, I think an ad in the Super Bowl means something different than for a small brand. For a large brand it is repetition.  It’s expected of them to be there.  For a small new brand, it could mean everything.  But that brand/product has to be good, or it’s a waste of money.