Q3 2020 Video Benchmarks, AdBridge Insights

By Mary Vestewig  | 

In this unpredictable year, each quarter of data provides additional perspective. In Q3, we saw trends from the first half continue. Growth in impressions served to desktop and mobile seen in Q2 continued in an environment where working and studying from home have become commonplace. 30-second ads remained the preferred ad length for advertisers in Q3, accounting for 81% of ad impressions by length.

At 39%, the share of impressions served to CTV continued to lead other devices. We see a wide range of preferred devices across our client base with some clients devoting as much as 72% of their impressions to CTV, while others focus largely on desktop and mobile. Because ER is the ad server of record for so many Direct-to-Consumer brands that optimize in real-time to measurable behaviors, our data includes a wide variety of strategies for CTV. The aggregate share of impressions across all ER clients served to CTV remained nearly flat from Q2 to Q3.

The greatest change in Q3 is in data for impressions served by media type, with aggregators hitting a new high of 47%. While premium publishers still lead, at 53% share of impressions served by ER, this is the lowest percentage reported for premium publishers since our first report in Q1 2017.

As 2020 continues to bring challenges to marketers, each quarter our data reflects shifts in strategy to account for the current circumstances. It’s clear that no single media mix suits every client and we expect that will remain a constant even as many factors in digital advertising, and in the world, evolve and change.

Our data keeps on growing and we offer you a snapshot of our quarterly metrics dating back to Q1 2016. Do you have questions or comments stemming from what you read here? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

Mary Vestewig
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