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NEW ISSUE, Altogether Current: Understanding the Growth of Mobile Video

Consumer interest in mobile video is surging. The numbers are staggering: Zenith media predicts consumers will watch 29 minutes of video each day on their smartphones and tablets in 2017, and eMarketer reports that teenage mobile consumption is even higher, with the group expected to spend more than three hours per day watching video on their smartphones. The consumer shift to mobile has caught the attention of the advertising industry. 2016 ad spending numbers from PWC and the IAB indicate that mobile ads – display and video — now account for more than half of all digital ad spend in the US.

With so much consumer attention and ad investment flowing into the mobile space, how can advertisers optimize their ad budgets and buying strategies for today’s mobile reality? What does a great mobile video strategy look like? What kinds of industry-wide mobile video trends are likely to impact campaigns in the near future? With these questions in mind we present Issue #3 of Altogether Current, Understanding the Growth of Mobile Video. You’ll find answers to an array of questions, including:

  • How will the implementation of new mobile advertising standards like MRAID 3.0 impact future media buying decisions?
  • What creative considerations should advertisers keep in mind to ensure strong results in the mobile video space?
  • Why are scalability and cross-screen buying critical components of effective mobile campaigns?
  • How is social media changing the way consumers watch mobile video, and what effect will social have on mobile ad buying?
  • What is vertical video, and why is it becoming more important in advertisers’ mobile campaigns?
  • Why is great ad creative more important than ever in the mobile ad sector?

Mobile will play a dominant role in the future of TV and video advertising. Read on for insight into how advertisers can make smart, informed decisions about reaching audiences in this space.

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