Grab the Popcorn and Enjoy the Outtakes from “Air Quotes”

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Are you the kind of person who lingers after the credits at a movie in case there’s an outtakes reel that prolongs the fun? Well you’re in luck. Click here to watch outtakes from our “Air Quotes” campaign celebrating the launch of AdBridge™.

For Ben Weinstein, the award-winning comedy director we chose to helm our campaign, the improv we see in the outtakes is the secret for cultivating the inspired performances and great storytelling found in the finished commercial. A devotee of the gospels of the Upright Citizens Brigade and The Annoyance Theater, Ben doesn’t fit into a specific category of director, but is a video storyteller, plain and simple.

But sometimes telling the story isn’t so simple, particularly when it comes to B2B campaigns and their inside-baseball themes. But armed with a great script developed by Writer Cedric Giese and a cast of union actors all experienced in sketch comedy and improv, Ben delivered a tongue-in-cheek campaign that highlights the perils of legacy advertising workflows in a hilarious and highly relatable fashion. And who knew workflow could be so relatable?

While there’s nothing funny about the limitations of manual, error-prone, disconnected processes too many advertisers are using to connect creative to media, humor turned out to be the way to engage viewers in the issue, without indicting any teams in the process. The use of air quotes in our campaign doesn’t fault those using legacy workflows, but illustrates the way overwhelmed teams are trying to cope with the increased complexity of the media landscape. Improv helped all of us find the humanity, commonality—and yes, humor—in a significant industry pain point.

The comedic approach might be unusual for a B2B company, but given our devotion to honoring the creative, we think it was the right one. We hope you agree!

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