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Extreme Reach’s Quarterly and Full Year Video Ad Benchmarks

Investment in video advertising in the US is growing at a healthy rate, with many forecasts predicting double-digit increases for 2017. But amidst all of this buying and selling of inventory, it can be challenging for agencies and clients to keep track of larger trends in performance. How well are video ads engaging consumers? What larger themes will shape video buying in the year ahead?

That’s why, every quarter, we analyze the latest performance data from video ad campaigns served from the Extreme Reach platform. By aggregating and tracking engagement metrics across campaigns for major brands in multiple categories, we begin to get an industry-wide snapshot of progress toward addressing a range of issues including video ad viewability, non-human “bot” traffic, fraud, and consumer engagement. Key takeaways from this year’s results include:

Viewability and viewable completion rates are improving
Whether due to more vigilant monitoring by ad agencies, or due simply to more intelligent “bots,” more video campaigns are seeing improved viewability and better viewable completion rates. This was particularly true for those campaigns running on “aggregator” networks.

Decrease in sub-optimal video experiences
The rate of campaigns experiencing sub-optimal user experience factors like small video player size, “in-banner” video, or high-frequency “outlier” traffic are decreasing.

Click-through rates were down in 2016
Video campaigns saw fewer “clicks” in 2016 than in 2015, perhaps suggesting some “fatigue” among consumers.

Our comprehensive recap of video ad performance statistics tracks full-year performance for both 2015 and 2016, while also providing quarter-by-quarter breakouts for 2016. You’ll find metrics for:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) / Engagement
  • Video Completion Rate (VCR)
  • Filtered Invalid Traffic (GIVT)
  • Viewability
  • Small Player Size and In-Banner Rates