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Extreme Reach Releases Q1 2017 Video Benchmarks

Each quarter, Extreme Reach takes a close look at the macro-level video ad performance trends shaping brand campaigns. Let’s dig into Q1 benchmarks for 2017 to see what’s changed since the same period in 2016. How are video ad campaigns performing with consumers? Where do we see the highest levels of engagement? And how is the industry’s ongoing battle against problems like non-human traffic, viewability and fraud progressing? Here are some of the key highlights:

Marketers’ Video Ads Are Seeing Higher Engagement
During the first quarter, video ad clickthrough rate was up for media aggregators, helping boost overall CTR performance for all video ad formats. At the same time, ad completion rate also saw increases for premium media vendors and across nearly all screens except desktop. Both of these trends suggest advertisers are getting better at targeting their campaigns, and creating more engaging content.

Viewability is Up, While Low-Quality Inventory is Down
Continuing the positive trends related to consumer engagement with video ad campaigns, Extreme Reach also noted that filtration rates for invalid traffic were down, as were instances of video being displayed in small player or less-than-optimal in-banner scenarios. Each of these signals collectively align with larger moves by the industry to try and cut down on ad fraud and to hold video ad vendors accountable for campaign quality.

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, this quarter’s report includes an update on video ad metrics for:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) / Engagement
  • Video Completion Rate (VCR)
  • Filtered Invalid Traffic (GIVT)
  • Viewability
  • Small Player Size and In-Banner Rates

Check out our latest 2017 industry-wide benchmarks by clicking below.