Extreme Reach Q2 2018 Video Benchmarks

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Extreme Reach’s video benchmarks report for Q2 2018 looks at the video advertising performance trends shaping the industry, including such metrics as viewer click-through, completion and viewability rates, as well as bot traffic and time spent. Our report offers breakdowns related to video advertiser purchase method (i.e., premium media vendor vs. media aggregator) and targeted device (i.e., desktop, mobile, tablet and connected television (CTV) and more. Wondering about the main takeaways from this quarter’s report? Here is a preview of the most notable trends:

  • Premium publishers are worth the price: Advertisers will be pleased to hear that the extra money they’ve invested in video inventory from premium publishing partners is paying off. Extreme Reach’s performance benchmarks for premium video inventory in “good” categories such as viewability and video completion rate are up. At the same time the same premium video inventory has seen considerable improvement in its reduction of “bad” performance indicators such as small banner sizes and in-banner video.
  • Connected TV is surging: Of all the devices that consumers are gravitating towards for content consumption, connected TV (CTV) was this quarter’s biggest winner. When examining the share of ad impressions served by device, CTV now accounts for 38% of all ad impressions served by Extreme Reach, up from 31% in Q1 of 2018 and 18% in Q2 2017. The rapid growth is a reflection of the continued rise in streaming services, along with a corresponding increase in consumers who are flocking to such devices. eMarketer estimates there will be more than 33 million cord cutters in the US in 2018.
  • Video completion rates are up: Video completion rates between Q1 and Q2 2018, as well as between Q2 2018 and Q2 2017, have been increasing or remaining steady across all devices tracked by Extreme Reach. The notable improvements in video completion rates during Q2 2018 is likely connected to advertisers’ continued focus on performance accountability from their publishing partners.

Visit Extreme Reach’s video benchmarks to review this quarter’s complete report.

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