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Cannes 2023 Panel: AI, Data & Measurement — Enabling Large-Scale Personalization


  • Louisa Wong, CEO of Extreme Reach
  • James Slezak, CEO of Swayable
  • Stevie Archer, Executive Creative Director, SS+K


  • Alison Weissbrot, Editor, Campaign US

Watch the session to hear thoughts and insights on the opportunities available to marketers today and in the near future through the use of AI, data and measurement.

Key takeaways:

  • We’ve lost sight of the fact that the creative plays a role in personalization. 
  • Adapting to the channel and context of where messages are seen, is key to the success of personalization at scale.  
  • Understanding Creative ROI is as important as Media ROI.  
  • AI brings a multitude of opportunities and still requires the human touch. 
  • Brands need to be thinking about simplifying the ecosystem.  

Let’s talk about how ER can fuel your success with forward-looking tools that eliminate the workflow friction in cross-screen campaign execution, delivering control and rich insights.