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ER’s Top Five Blog Posts of 2021

The new year has arrived…and so far, for many, it may not look much different. Though coronavirus woes continue to plague us (looking at you, Omicron!) and global closures or delays have consumers feeling frustrated, there’s reason to hope that Covid will end in 2022 and post-pandemic life can start. In the meantime, here’s a look at our five most popular blogs from last year. Topics range from global ad campaigns to Gen Z’s consumption habits to ways marketers are working to address equity and inclusivity, among other important subjects. Happy 2022! 

A Deeper Dive into the New SAG-AFTRA Influencer Waiver and Influencer Agreement
On March 10, 2021, SAG-AFTRA released its Influencer Waiver and Influencer Agreement that may effectively reshape the way influencer marketing is conducted in the future. Through these new agreements, brands and agencies have less ambiguous guidelines regarding their professional collaborations with influencers and what each party may expect from those relationships. Brian Murphy, Partner at FKKS, takes a look at the two documents and offers preliminary thoughts about how the waiver and the agreement will work in practice.

For Gen Z, Consumption Is About Self Expression
For Generation Z, consumption means having access to products—not necessarily owning them. This cohort cares about brands that are eco-friendly and socially responsible, which in turn influences their shopping habits. Moreover, for a group that grew up alongside and inside the smartphone, digital commerce ranks as equally important. We break down some of the qualities that make Gen Z members tick, along with tools that brands can employ when seeking to connect with this important demographic.

Three Ways Marketers Win with a Connected Creative-to-Media Supply Chain
If the global advertising industry was born today, it would arguably be designed with a centralized platform where all teams could come together to execute intricate plans. Although that isn’t possible, Creative Logistics offers the next best thing—a means of marrying brand creative with media placements in a single unified space. ER’s platform gives marketing, agency and production teams access to more data and insights than ever before.

A Look at Global Ad Campaigns
From heartfelt to those that pulled on heartstrings, a few top ad campaigns sparked worldwide interest. In the UK, cosmetics retailer Asos targeted Gen Z consumers, while in Paris a running store challenged a controversial citywide speed limit. McDonald’s delivered laughs, Coca-Cola inspired via an epic e-sports battle, and two companies sparked wanderlust in Covid-weary travelers.

Marketers Address Gender Equity and Inclusivity
The conversation about gender equality in media isn’t new, but today’s brands are taking novel action to help combat stereotypes while instilling a more diverse media landscape that promotes equity and gender-positive norms. We considered several important initiatives, like Procter & Gamble working to broaden existing definitions of beauty, clothing brand Pacsun debuting a line of gender-neutral clothes, Michelob Ultra pledging $10 million to increase media coverage of female athletes, and more.

What issues and trends would you like us to cover this year? Please get in touch to share your thoughts, at [email protected]. And here’s to a brighter 2022!