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Ad Campaigns Around the World Count Down to Christmas

The holiday season is in full swing and the countdown to Christmas is on! Here’s one more look at festive campaigns from around the world that are attracting consumers’ attention.  

Protecting People
While Christmas is a time for family and cheer, Sweden is also drawing attention to the fact that domestic violence against women tends to increase this time of year. That’s why Alla Kvinnors Hus (All Woman’s House) teamed with creative agency Familjen to create an Advent candle. Typically used in Swedish homes as a way to mark the days until Christmas Eve, this “All Women’s Light” candle bears the names of women who were victims of domestic violence last year. “This year we view the countdown to Christmas in a different light to draw attention to the deadly violence against women,” said Ann Isaksson, director of operations at Alla Kvinnors Hus. “Our campaign will remind the Swedish government that our fight against domestic violence never ends and that people are requesting change.” Candles will also “burn” on digital screens around the country and on a giant, specially constructed billboard in Stockholm.

In neighboring Denmark, the country’s National Lottery paired with G4S, the world’s largest security firm, to help bring peace of mind to its citizens. December is the month with the largest number of winning lottery tickets—at least 20 millionaires are typically made each Christmas Day. Sadly, it’s also the time when most homes are burglarized. To counter house invasions, lottery organizers are securing the homes (and tickets) of consumers who register on a campaign website. Over 17,000 people signed up during the first week, requesting home alarm systems that were installed by special “Lotto Xmas Security” vans. A 45-second spot called “Jule Sikring” (“Christmas Insurance”) sees potential lotto winners welcoming the festively lit van while an on-screen tagline affirms that “Finally, you can celebrate Christmas with peace of mind.”

Believing in Magic
Ireland’s national postal service, called An Post, released a campaign that takes inspiration from a number of magical films, including The Wizard of Oz and It’s a Wonderful Life. Its “Send from the Heart. Send Love” hero spot opens on the Tin Man sitting alone at a breakfast table, unable to get into the Christmas spirit because he famously lacks a heart. But when he receives a Christmas card from a kindhearted stranger, it infuses him with warmth and changes his life. “As an island nation, Ireland is renowned for staying connected by way of post,” said Julie Gill, An Post commercial marketing director. “Sending a card is such a simple way to tell someone they are loved this Christmas. This campaign captures the impact that sending and receiving a card can have and how special it can make you feel.”

From the Emerald Isle to Austria, Vienna-based bank Erste Group created its own enchanting animated spot in the style of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Called “Believe in Christmas,” its hero is a miserly Scrooge-style character who tries to ruin the holidays for everyone in his village. He cuts power boxes to plunge homes into darkness and drains car tanks of gas so people can’t drive to visit loved ones. Yet in the end, friends and family gather candles and walk out of their homes to be together, finding joy in the simple Christmas spirit. “This year’s advert addresses all of us and the many challenges we are facing as a society right now,” said Mario Stadler, head of group brand management and communications at Erste Group. “In times of need, strong communities are the ones in which people help each other out. Coming closer together—that’s what Christmas is really about.”

Finding Love
As was the case in Denmark, UK’s National Lottery also released its own film-style holiday spot created by director Tom Hooper, known for movies like The King’s Speech and Les Miserables. This offering draws parallels between the power of winning the lottery and falling in love. It opens on two strangers connecting on a crowded train as they travel to see their families for Christmas. In a hurry to exchange numbers before parting, the man finally jots down his digits on a crumpled lottery ticket. When the woman reaches her house, she’s dismayed to find that several figures smudged, rendering the number unusable. Happily, the two reconnect on New Year’s Eve when she hands him back his ticket. “You’ve won,” she says, as they finally embrace. “This latest campaign is all about the National Lottery’s ambition to bring people together,” said Matt Ridsdale, executive director at National Lottery operator Camelot. “It also taps into the feelings of hope and possibility that we collectively experience at Christmas, showing that it’s always worth taking a chance to win big.” 

Finally, Aldi Australia is channeling the love—and occasional spirit of competition—that families feel for each other this time of year via ‘Overcooked Generosity’, the second installation of the ‘You Can’t Overcook Christmas’ integrated campaign. The spot sees two women executing ninja-style fight moves while encouraging the other to eat the last remaining prawn, driving home the point that thanks to the grocery chain’s fair prices and festive seasonal offerings, Australians can afford to be extra generous this Christmas. “At a time when Aussies will be auditing their festive plans to balance the Christmas they want with the Christmas they can afford, Aldi plays a unique role in helping people Overcook their Christmas, without overcooking their budget,” said marketing director Mark Richardson.

From spots that inspired tears to those that tickled funny bones to those that made us believe in the power of love, brands are going all out with their inspired seasonal offerings. Wishing you and all your loved ones a magical holiday season!