Can one technology platform be all things to all people?

At Extreme Reach, we believe it can and should be.  

To us, “all things” means we handle every step in an ad’s lifecycle, from start-to-finish. And “all people” means we serve every team that touches that process, across various agencies, on behalf of the brand.

Whether you need easy-to-use software at your fingertips or fully managed service, our technology and teams exist to help you be more successful.

How can we serve your unique needs?

You’ve assembled the best of the best.

Your agency teams need to do what they each do best. One workflow platform helps them all work together brilliantly.

It’s a juggling act. You’re steering different teams as they charter new territory in a brave new world. You want them focused on creativity, strategy and big ideas, not bogged down by executional inefficiency and friction. When your teams are each doing what they do best, but working together in the single Extreme Reach platform, everyone can rest easy knowing TV and Video ads are safe, secure, compliant and playing perfectly according to plan. Don’t risk late starts, ad quality degradation, Talent & Rights fines and other friction-filled problems.

We’re honored to work with so many of the world’s biggest brands. We suspect it’s because great ads start here, live here and play everywhere.

Creative Agencies
Without you,
there is no ad.

Your client hand-picked you to be equal parts creative visionaries and business managing masters.  No pressure though.

We put research and inspiration at your fingertips with Source Creative™. Search the world’s largest database of ads, complete with full credits. Spark your imagination and discover the best behind-camera talent for bringing your creative vision alive.

For account management and Talent & Rights folks, we are the leader in every aspect of business affairs, Talent & Rights management, TV & Video ad trafficking and network clearance.

From estimating to negotiation to talent payroll, we’ve got you covered.

Media Agencies
Take a little madness out of media.

Your client is counting on all of you to sort through a dizzying array of choices, architect a media plan to meet their goals and execute everything flawlessly – on-time and on-budget. Piece of cake. Not.

And if that wasn’t enough, brands expect media teams to evaluate performance in real-time — 24/7– and course-correct on the fly.

Fortunately, Extreme Reach has the tools and resources you need to execute your hard work fast and flawlessly across every screen. So you can be the media rock stars that deliver.

TV and Video workflow plus actionable, agnostic and holistic insights in one place.

Post-Production Houses
It’s 2am and your ad is finally perfect. Don’t turn it over to just anyone.

Extreme Reach is directly connected to over 3,000 post-houses in North America. For good reason.

Our tools automate and accelerate the uploading of video masters and a rigorous QC inspection. Our advanced technology and teams work together to ensure pristine quality in all the right formats. Instant reports and white glove customer service eliminate errors and delays.

Rest easy knowing we will never take our eyes off your baby and it will play perfectly everywhere.

Are you a new post-production team? Contact us to connect to Extreme Reach today.

TV Destinations
Do you miss delivery trucks bringing you boxes of tapes every day?

We didn’t think so.

As the world’s largest TV ad delivery network, you already know us well. But for those less familiar with what we do, here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Our delivery network includes over 10,000 SD and HD media destinations. Our high quality, cloud-based technology delivers perfect ads directly into the broadcast workflow. Our unique model eliminates the need for catch servers at broadcast and cable facilities and enables the fastest delivery in the business.

Every TV media destination in the Extreme Reach network receives ads in a digital package designed to ensure that ad delivery is friction-free for traffic and engineering. Tapes are so 1992.

Video Destinations
You live in real-time. When you call for an ad, you expect it to play perfectly.

No wonder thousands of sites, DSPs and media aggregators are connected to Extreme Reach and ready to do business in milliseconds.

Our Video Ad Server is IAB VPAID and VAST-certified and at-the-ready to deliver ads in perfect format for any screen or device. Almost all original masters for TV ads live in our platform already. And 90% of the time, these very same ads are used across Video. Our technology automatically transcodes the ads so they play everywhere, perfectly and according to plan.

Every day new ad-supported video destinations earn a spot on the buy. Contact us ASAP so you can start playing with no delays.

We are proud to serve the world’s biggest brands and their agencies

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