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Our Video Asset Cloud is the most comprehensive repository of video ad assets in the industry and holds the vast majority of all TV and Video brand ads.

Our first-to-market Video Asset API automates permission-based access for the entire video advertising ecosystem, powering programmatic Video and TV campaigns at the speed of today. 

Video Asset API Dramatically Increases Speed-to-Launch

Speed is everything.

Today, media transactions happen in milliseconds. Programmatic Video and TV campaigns leverage technology, data and split-second decisioning to bring new value to marketers seeking efficiency and effectiveness.

But here’s what no one talks about. It can take days or even weeks for teams to track down the actual creative and ensure it’s in all the shapes and sizes required to play perfectly on all screens.  Every day that a programmatic campaign is delayed means ads can’t start working their magic.

Never fear. There is an entirely new and better way.

With the Extreme Reach Video Asset API, programmatic campaigns launch on time and move at the speed of today. The API combines the multiple processes associated with sourcing, preparing and delivering video assets into a single, elegant API call. This automated orchestration of previously disjointed and drawn-out manual steps means campaigns are executed as fast the technology can source the inventory.

Ads play perfectly and precisely, according to plan.

The Extreme Reach Video Asset API brings together our deep expertise in three core areas – TV, Video and Talent & Rights – to create powerful new value for advertisers, agencies and media sellers.

We seamlessly combine creative access permissions with Talent & Rights compliance verification, video transcoding and device-specific delivery to get the right ad to the right place in the right format – with proper authorization.

Video Asset API Benefits
Video Asset API Benefits

With our groundbreaking Video Asset API, programmatic Video and TV campaigns really do start and move at light-speed. Don’t waste days or weeks chasing down the creative. It’s been here all along.

Never Mess Up on Talent & Rights Again
Never Mess Up on Talent & Rights Again

"TV" ads rarely stay there anymore but despite best intentions, it’s hard to keep tabs on video ads as they travel through the web building brand love. The Video Asset API—and the automatic TRUST Tag—to the rescue. Take control of Talent & Rights tracking and erase nasty fees and penalties.

Warning: Geek Speak!
Warning: Geek Speak!

The Extreme Reach platform is built on a flexible services-based architecture, allowing core business functionality to be accessed via a REST-based API. This architecture pattern allows all types of client applications to interact easily with the system.

Keep tabs on the converging worlds of TV, Video and Talent. 

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