TV & Video Analytics

When TV and Video ads move through one platform, brands and agencies finally see all the metrics and insight they need in one place.

  • Nielsen GRPs, Reach, Frequency
  • Audience Measurement
  • Brand Performance
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Video Quality
  • Viewability Measurement
  • Invalid Traffic Monitoring
  • And more…
Nielsen TV Data
Via our exclusive partnership with Nielsen, we auto-encode every ad, at no charge, so you can slice and dice audience data any way you want.
Holistic, Agnostic Video Metrics
Our IAB VPAID/VAST-certified video ad server provides a broad array of advanced analytics, highlighting brand performance by placement and all essential viewability, fraud and brand safety metrics.
TV & Video Convergence Dashboard
See your TV, Video and Talent & Rights real-time stats in one easy and intuitive interface. When one great ad campaign travels across screens building brand love, shouldn't you track its performance in one place too?

Extreme Reach’s Exclusive Partnership with Nielsen

We are the only technology provider for TV ad delivery that can automatically encode the Nielsen Commercial Watermark at NO CHARGE. This represents significant cost savings and powers agencies to track TV delivery and measurement for each piece of creative in real-time.

Keep tabs on the converging worlds of TV, Video and Talent. 

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