Do you know where your ads are?

Today, content flows to video screens everywhere which means… so do the ads. That’s great for consumers who can access what they want, wherever they are, but that may not be so great for your campaign, because it’s difficult to control usage once video ads have been scattered across the internet.

Problem. Solution.

Millions of dollars are wasted every year on Talent & Rights penalties when ads move to digital screens.

(Think, no internet rights or expired holding fees)

TV ads rarely stay there anymore.


Brands need the power of TV creative to work across all video screens. But, despite best intentions, it’s hard to keep tabs on video ads as they travel through the web, making it extremely difficult to ensure compliance.

The tag is lightweight, the power is heavyweight.


The Talent & Rights tag is a standard tag – a tiny piece of code that goes with the video asset. The tag pings our Ad Cloud in real-time, from wherever your ads roam, and our dashboard shows you what you need to know.

It’s not about the tag, it’s about control.


Since we manage Talent & Rights compliance for about 90% of the world’s brands, we are uniquely qualified to report on what’s running in compliance across every screen, all the time.

Ads Run Across All Screens Today

The Talent & Rights Tag Guarantees You’ll Never Lose Track of Them

 Paid Advertising


Company Websites


 Social Platforms


Standard impression tracker (referred to as a tag) travels with ad to video ad server and out to placements.

A ‘URL’ or ‘Video Embed Tag’ plays your perfect ad right from our Ad Cloud. Maintain control and identify issues immediately.

Free for Current Customers

Any client that partners with Extreme Reach for Talent Management can utilize the Talent & Rights tag for FREE!

Track, Check, Know
Easily tag video campaigns across all screens for free. Users get a real-time thumbs up or down for each ad.

Rapid Issue Resolution
Receive detailed alerts right away. If there’s a compliance issue (no Internet rights, expired holding fee), you can act fast to resolve it.

The world of talent rights in one visual.

Keep tabs on the converging worlds of TV, Video and Talent. 

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