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Nearly All TV Media Outlets Now Receiving Advertising Content via “The Cloud”


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Extreme Reach Now Digitally Delivering 98 Percent of Client TV Ads Across 7,000+ Video Media Affiliates

NEEDHAM, MA, July 2, 2012Extreme Reach, Inc., the leading platform for video ad distribution and ad serving solutions, today announced that it has reached a landmark milestone in television advertising with more than 7,000 U.S. and Canadian video media destinations connected to its cloud-based TV ad distribution network. This latest achievement has enabled the company’s TV advertising clients to deliver an unprecedented 98 percent of their commercials digitally, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with outdated tape and satellite delivery models.

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Before Extreme Reach introduced its cloud-based commercial delivery network in 2008, TV advertisers and broadcasters relied on satellite and tape ad delivery. Those older models were hampered by high costs and TV ads were slow to arrive at their media destinations. As is the case in many other industries, the adoption of new cloud technologies has changed the economics and speed expectations in advertising. Today, the Extreme Reach video ad platform is helping more than 2,500 advertisers deliver their TV commercials digitally via the cloud. TV ads can now arrive at each television outlet in a matter of minutes, and now that speed can be realized at a very large scale, because the Extreme Reach network reaches nearly every TV destination in North America. Compared to the Company’s closest competitor, the Extreme Reach owned-and-operated network digitally connects to 30 percent more TV and HD TV media outlets.

Nearly every TV media outlet has joined the Extreme Reach network partly because the Company’s technology platform also enables broadcasters and cable operators to automate the management of advertising content and provides a file-based workflow that eliminates manual steps inherent in older satellite-based delivery models.

“Only the Extreme Reach network can directly connect advertisers to TV media at this scale,” said Tim Conley, Chief Operating Officer of Extreme Reach. “The 7,000 milestone means that all advertisers, especially those with time-sensitive political and promotional messages, can now respond faster, be more competitive, and connect to more media, and larger audiences, in record time.”

As the largest digital TV ad delivery network, Extreme Reach also publishes the advertising industry’s only comprehensive report on HD adoption and distribution. The HD Trends Report for Q2 will soon be available for free download at

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach is the leading provider of video advertising distribution, ad serving and talent & rights management solutions that span all video media. The company’s network seamlessly connects over 2,500 advertisers and agencies with more than 1,000 commercial production houses and 18,000 media destina¬tions across the U.S. and Canada, including every major broadcast network and all of the top websites. The Extreme Reach video platform simplifies the execution of ad campaigns across video media and is the indus¬try’s only platform that integrates both TV and online video advertising. The company is headquartered in Needham, Mass., with offices in New York, Chicago, Burbank, Detroit, Dallas, Seattle and Louisville.

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