Extreme Reach Wins Super Bowl LII, Handling Ad Delivery for Over 70% of Ads in the Big Game and Ensuring Commercial Talent Gets Paid

By Sandy Drayton  | 

New York, NY – February 21, 2018 — Video advertising technology provider Extreme Reach, today announced that Super Bowl LII was record breaking for the company, which played a bigger behind-the-scenes role in the big game than ever before. The company, whose services simplify video ad asset management across the entire lifecycle for brands and agencies, was responsible for the successful airing of the vast majority of paid commercials appearing during the game. Additionally, Extreme Reach’s Talent & Rights Management team ensured that performers such as on-screen and voice-over actors as well as musical talent involved in the big day’s ads were properly compensated for their work.

“The Super Bowl is a unique cultural phenomenon. It’s the single day of the year when consumers acknowledge loving great ads. Of course, with the hype, cost and stakes higher than ever, making sure those ads make it on air seamlessly and in pristine condition is a team sport in and of itself,” said Melinda McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Reach. “While the ads themselves get so much attention, how they get to the screen and how the performers get paid generally don’t get a moment’s thought. But these are foundational functions that power brand advertising on every screen, and to our brand and agency clients, getting these right is just as important as creating great ads.”

The company’s platform, unique in its seamless integration of linear and non-linear video ad delivery and Talent & Rights management, plays a key role for live events like the Super Bowl, Olympics and Academy Awards, as well as all programming across all screens and devices.

“Few people realize that getting paid for commercial work isn’t always a simple dollars-per-hour process. It operates according to strict contracts covering a specific length of time. It’s also highly complex in that one commercial spot can involve many performers whose contracts expire at different times,” stated Tim Hale, Extreme Reach’s Chief Talent Officer. “As more ads cascade across screens on all devices, it’s increasingly difficult for brands and agencies to track where those ads land. In a recent survey of Ad Ops professionals, 50 percent reported that talent contract infractions are common. The good news is, we have the technology to restore control and make penalties a thing of the past.”

Extreme Reach brings massive scale as well as efficiencies of automation to thousands of leading brands and agencies. Every day, the company ingests 1,500 new and unique ads into its cloud platform, which is connected to every core TV destination and digital publisher. Additionally, the company manages over $1.5B in Talent & Rights payments annually.

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach offers the only enterprise technology designed distinctly to bring together the TV and Video ad workflow and all aspects of Talent & Rights management in a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. One platform and one process make brand advertising easier, and analytics more insightful, with the assurance of rights compliance wherever ads play. Founded in 2008, Extreme Reach proudly serves the world’s biggest brands, agencies, post-production houses, all media destinations, and the talent community, altogether simplifying the process for every team that touches an ad campaign from start to finish. Headquartered in Needham, MA, Extreme Reach has offices in 19 cities worldwide.

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