Extreme Reach Scores Big at Super Bowl LIII

By Sandy Drayton  | 

Company handled workflow for large majority of ads and managed payments for commercial talent

New York, NY – February 6, 2019 — Extreme Reach today announced the leading role of AdBridgeTM, its cloud platform for creative asset workflow, in the Super Bowl LIII advertising experience. The company delivered the ads that filled 70% of commercial air time for this year’s Big Game while also supporting brands with Talent & Rights management, Network Clearance, Post Production and Quality Control. At over $5 million per 30-second spot, the stakes are far too high for anyone to tolerate a fumble of their video assets. The company’s Source division, that fuels connections and inspiration for the global creative community, wrapped up the night as the first platform to present a full reel of Super Bowl ads to the creative community, with full credits for every spot. No subscription is required to view all the ads.

“There is nothing quite like the excitement of the Super Bowl for our many teams whose work begins months in advance to support the full range of creative asset management,” said Tim Conley, CEO, Extreme Reach. “For our brand and agency partners and the network, there’s no room for error, and we’re proud that so many of them trust us to get everything right. Game day is the most visible representation, and celebration, of the high level of service we provide clients all year long to prepare and move their ad assets to all screens, whether linear or digital, in an increasingly complex media landscape.”

ER works with clients as early as the storyboard concepting of a spot, when the clearance process is initiated along with contract management and the hiring of performers. Talent & Rights Management ensures on-screen performers, voice-over actors and musical talent are properly compensated for their work. The final steps of ad distribution include post production, traffic instructions, multiple levels of quality control and distribution to the network to ensure perfection when the stories come alive on all the screens.

Elaborating on Talent & Rights Management, Tim Hale, Chief Talent Officer at Extreme Reach, explains, “Few people realize that getting paid for commercial work isn’t a simple dollars-per-hour process. It operates according to strict union contracts covering a specific length of time. It’s also highly complex; one commercial can involve actors, voice-overs, stunt drivers, musicians, singers and more, governed by different unions with various terms and conditions.  The use of celebrities and popular music can add more complexity.  As more ads cascade across screens on all devices, it’s increasingly difficult for brands and agencies to track and control where those ads land. In a recent survey of Ad Ops professionals, 50 percent reported that talent and rights contract infractions are common. The good news is, we have the technology to restore control and make penalties a thing of the past.”

Extreme Reach brings massive scale, efficiencies of automation and stellar customer service to thousands of leading brands and agencies. Every day the company ingests over 2,500 new creative assets into AdBridge, which is connected to every TV destination and digital publisher. Additionally, the company manages over $1.5 billion in Talent & Rights payments annually.

About Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach has revolutionized the way marketers and their agencies control the deployment of creative assets and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns across the complex media landscape. The company’s creative asset management platform, AdBridge™, is built upon a decade of innovation—seamlessly integrating video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management together.

With over 13 million ad creative assets in its care, every path to any screen is built right inside with over 750 team members ensuring customer success. ER connects the buy and sell sides of the advertising ecosystem for the new way creative gets everywhere.

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