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Extreme Reach Payroll Solutions Names Bradley Hazzard Director of Labor Relations

Los Angeles, CA – January 29, 2020 — ER Payroll Solutions, the division of Extreme Reach that provides payroll, accounting and labor relations for production casts and crews across the entertainment industry, today announced that Bradley Hazzard has joined the company as Director of Labor Relations. An entertainment executive with over two decades of comprehensive labor relations experience, Hazzard is the point person responsible for overseeing and administering all guild collective bargaining agreements and related matters.

Hazzard developed and honed his expertise in labor relations during 18 years at Viacom Media Networks. He began his career as a coordinator on the Business and Legal Affairs team at Nickelodeon and rose to Senior Vice President of Labor Relations for Viacom, a role responsible for oversight of Viacom’s Music and Entertainment Group which included MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central, to name a few. Hazzard’s interest in how entertainment productions are made has been a driving force in his career. After nearly two decades in the industry, he’s looking forward to his second act at a company powering better solutions for payroll and accounting for productions created for a wide variety of distribution platforms.

“Brad’s experience across all areas of labor relations, his longstanding relationships with the unions that are central to our business and his enthusiasm for bringing much needed change to the industry, are among the valuable assets he brings to ERPS,” said Gaurav Agarwal, ER’s Corporate Development Officer. “Brad’s leadership is central to the innovation and expansion the team will be introducing in 2020.”

“Extreme Reach is about transforming and becoming a part of the future history that will be written about the industry in years to come,” said Hazzard. “I couldn’t be happier to be part of the team that is creating that future.”

About Extreme Reach Payroll Solutions
Payroll Solutions is a division of Extreme Reach that supports the entertainment industry with innovative, smarter solutions for today’s payroll services and accounting needs. Guided by a belief that the winning approach is equal parts people and technology, the team’s expertise draws from all corners of the entertainment industry and shares a commitment to outstanding customer service.

Extreme Reach is known for successfully disrupting and transforming legacy workflows in media and marketing for more than 10 years. ERPS is backed by deep resources and unencumbered by bureaucracy. Its modern software is customer-driven, built to meet the unique demands of all types of productions, and architected to be future-ready no matter what comes next.

With its headquarters in California and teams covering every region of North America, ERPS addresses payroll paperwork, taxes, deductions and crew and performer union benefits contributions in all 50 states and Canada.