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Extreme Reach Launches Universal Creative Identification Standard, Enabling Omnichannel Measurement Globally

Open source standard provides interoperability across global identifiers, uniting measurement of creative resources

NEW YORK – December 23, 2021 — Marketing ROI is more important to advertisers than ever before, yet an explosion of channels has made it nearly impossible for advertisers to understand where and when their creative appeared, and then link that information with performance metrics for true measurement and attribution.

To accelerate this imperative, Extreme Reach (ER), the global leader in creative logistics, has launched the Universal Creative Identification (UCID) Framework, an open-source standard that provides interoperability across all global video ad creative identifiers. The UCID framework is now public for industry review on Github here.

UCID is an open-standard framework for defining and issuing universal creative identifiers, patterned loosely after the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). In doing so, UCID provides brands and agencies with a single creative ID to enable cross channel measurement and attribution.

“As simple and obvious as the problem may seem, the ability to identify each ad creative and then correctly associate that identifier with individual ad exposure metrics has remained elusive,” said Dan Brackett, CTO of Extreme Reach. “The ability to provide clear, unique creative identifiers and associated metadata is the key that unlocks vastly improved alignment between measurement data sets across multiple platforms, publishers and measurement vendors.”

At the heart of the UCID effort is an open global ecosystem allowing multiple providers to participate instead of relying on a single, proprietary ID scheme or ad hoc identifiers. The UCID framework is built to accommodate existing identifier systems and can be used by any registration authority in any market or region.

ER’s global footprint and scale makes it the de facto clearinghouse for the majority of ad creative that flows from brands, agencies and production houses to media destinations across an omnichannel media landscape. By assigning an open and standardized UCID to each creative, ER enables greater interoperability and more direct linkages between data sets across the marketing supply chain.

In addition to authoring the open specification, ER will provide implementation. The company will also supply a basic metadata set for each ad, based on a standardized, structured data taxonomy.

About Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach (ER) is the global leader in creative logistics. Its end-to-end technology platform moves creative at the speed of media, simplifying the activation and optimization of omnichannel campaigns for brands and agencies with unparalleled control, visibility and insights.

One global creative-to-media supply chain answers the challenges of a complex marketing landscape and an equally complicated infrastructure under the global advertising ecosystem. The company’s groundbreaking solution integrates all forms of linear TV and non-linear video workflow seamlessly with talent payments and rights management. Now, brands and agencies can optimize campaigns as fast as consumer consumption shifts across linear TV, CTV, OTT, addressable TV, mobile, desktop, and video-on-demand.

Extreme Reach connects brand content with consumers across media types and markets, fully illuminating the marketing supply chain for a clear view of creative usage, waste, performance and ROI.

With the acquisition of Adstream, Extreme Reach operates in 140 countries and 45 languages, with 1,100 team members serving 90 of the top 100 global advertisers and enabling $150 billion in video ad spend around the world. More than half a billion creative brand assets are managed in ER’s creative logistics platform.