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Extreme Reach, Inc. Acquires Spotlight Business Affairs, Inc.


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Combination Enables Every TV Ad Delivery and Web In-Stream View to be Fully Compliant with Talent Rights Agreements

NEEDHAM, MA, January 10, 2012Extreme Reach, Inc., the advertising industry’s only provider of a single video platform supporting both TV ad distribution and Web in-stream ad serving solutions, today announced they have acquired Spotlight Business Affairs, Inc., a leading commercial talent rights management and payment company.

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The acquisition will result in the industry’s first video advertising platform that automatically ensures every commercial asset delivered for use on TV or served on a website has been authorized for that specific usage before the ad can be delivered or served. Terms of usage will be automatically controlled by region, duration, media and other restrictions outlined in commercial talent and rights agreements.

The integration of talent and distribution on a single platform will eliminate unexpected costs and risks that are associated with potential breaches in talent and rights agreements for advertisers and agencies. The elimination of those concerns will subsequently enable greater efficiency in cross-channel campaign execution, improvements in cross-channel audience experiences and an expanded array of creative options for online video advertising.

The acquisition also expands the breadth of solutions Extreme Reach will offer advertisers and agencies. In addition to video ad distribution, ad serving and creative management, the company’s portfolio of solutions will now include talent payment, outsourced traffic, and network clearance services. Extreme Reach will integrate all aspects of these services into its advanced video advertising platform to offer first-of-their-kind automation and integration benefits to The Company’s clients.

Talent Payment Services
Talent costs can make up a large part of any commercial’s budget and can increase significantly if talent contract terms are violated. It’s important for advertisers and agencies to be able to easily navigate complex talent rules and regulations to eliminate costs and avoid expensive errors. Through the acquisition of Spotlight, Extreme Reach clients will be able to use simple, integrated online tools to manage every aspect of commercial talent and 3rd party rights, including: rights expirations and talent payments across TV, the web and all other video media channels.

Outsourced Traffic and Network Clearance Services
Extreme Reach will also be able to wholly manage traffic workflows as an outsourced Traffic Department for agencies and advertisers who want help with their traffic function. In addition, the Spotlight acquisition will enable Extreme Reach to simplify the detailed task of getting clearance from each of the networks’ Standards and Practices departments so that commercials run as planned.

“Spotlight is the fastest-growing provider of talent solutions in North America because they provide exceptional service and take a more advanced approach to addressing advertising business affairs. They’re a natural fit for Extreme Reach” said Extreme Reach CEO, John Roland. “The increased control and transparency enabled by this deal has broad-reaching implications for both TV and online video advertising. For the first time ever, advertisers and their agencies can rest assured that their video commercials will not air outside of the rights purchased and sanctioned in the talent rights agreements thus avoiding costly errors or penalties.”

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach offers the industry’s only video platform supporting both TV ad delivery and Web in-stream ad serving solutions. The company’s video ad platform unifies video campaigns by simplifying the management, distribution, serving and tracking of video advertising across TV, web, out-of-home and mobile. The Extreme Reach ad delivery network directly connects more than 2000 advertisers and agencies with 700+ production houses and 17,000+ media outlets. The company is headquartered in Needham, Mass., with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, Toronto, Seattle and Louisville. For more information, visit the Extreme Reach