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Extreme Reach Calls on Video Advertising Industry to Simplify Ad Execution

New e-Book, Open Letter and Ad Campaign Highlight Impact and Benefits of Streaming Ad Creative

New York, NY (January 27, 2017) – Extreme Reach, the cloud platform enabling major brands and agencies to execute their video campaigns across TV and Video screens and devices while managing all associated talent and rights, announced today the publication of a new e-book: Video Ad Streaming: A Simple Change that Will Set a New Industry Standard. Additionally, the company’s CEO, John Roland, has written an open letter to the video advertising industry urging all parties to move beyond the error-prone, manual workflows that are holding back the speed and accuracy of video ad execution. A new series of video ads from Extreme Reach also focuses on the benefits of ad streaming by humorously highlighting the pain points currently felt by brand and agency teams who are mired in an outdated, overly complex process.

The e-Book, open letter and advertising campaign are a call to arms addressed to the video ecosystem, inspiring fast, easy action to eliminate widespread pain overnight to best serve advertisers and agency teams. While 90% of video campaigns online utilize the same creative as those on TV, teams often remain siloed and out of sync with one another. The current process requires digital video teams to hunt down assets, get transcodes for multiple specs, then FTP them to vendors where the files may get duplicated and reformatted yet again. And this process effectively skips the Talent & Rights compliance steps.

“The good news,” says Roland, “is that a very simple change to a streaming model for creative assets can literally transform the speed and quality of ad execution and bring cost savings to brands and agencies immediately. Just as streaming allowed Netflix® to transform how we watch movies, and Spotify® to change how we access our music, streaming has the power to unleash the potential of programmatic for the entire video ecosystem by allowing ad creative to move at equal speed with split second media transactions.”

Roland’s open letter appeared in this week’s print version of Ad Age. It is available on the company website as well as on Medium and LinkedIn. Extreme Reach’s ad campaign is scheduled to run on social platforms, at industry events, on and other BtoB sites, as well as across CNN and

About Extreme Reach:

Extreme Reach offers the only enterprise technology designed distinctly to bring together the TV and Video ad workflow and all aspects of Talent & Rights management in a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. One platform and one process make brand advertising easier, and analytics more insightful, with the assurance of rights compliance wherever ads play. Founded in 2008, Extreme Reach proudly serves the world’s biggest brands, agencies, post-production houses, all media destinations, and the talent community. Altogether simplifying the process for every team that touches an ad campaign from start to finish. Headquartered in Needham, MA, Extreme Reach has offices in 21 cities worldwide.