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Extreme Reach Addresses Talent and Rights Concerns in TV & Web Advertising


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Leading video advertising platform integrates tools for talent contracts
and third-party rights with TV and Web ad delivery, an industry first

NEEDHAM, MA, June 19, 2012Extreme Reach, Inc., a leading provider of video ad distribution and ad serving solutions, today announced that it has launched a fully-integrated suite of tools for managing talent contracts and third-party rights within it’s platform for TV ad distribution and Web ad serving. An industry first, the combination of talent and rights management with video ad delivery can be used to automatically prevent commercials from running on unauthorized media or past contract expiration dates so that ads only run within the boundaries of talent and rights agreements. As a result, advertising clients can streamline workflows while avoiding costly compliance errors and delays.

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The integration of talent and rights with ad delivery connects each step in the advertising process from pre-production to ad delivery to talent payment. The Extreme Reach platform tracks every step, contract and cost involved in commercial production to leverage that information for clients across a variety of services. In addition to solving compliance issues, this integration also enables more efficient talent payment and production budgeting. And all of that information is clearly presented with each ad in a client’s secure Creative Library.

The integration of talent and rights management with ad delivery solves a number of issues for advertisers. For example, users can be automatically notified when an active commercial is nearing a contracted talent expiration date. With that information in-hand, advertisers can tweak ongoing campaigns using a simple, built-in traffic tool to easily pull or change their ad creative thereby proactively avoiding expensive compliance issues. Or if they prefer, clients can use that advance notice to extend talent agreements to continue running their ads past their original expiration date—again avoiding costly errors and delays. It also alerts clients when an ad is about to be used some place it shouldn’t be. For example, an alert can be sent when an ad is being trafficked to media outlets, such as websites, that are outside of contractual terms.

For television advertisers, this integration will help reduce manual processes, risks and inefficiencies common in the industry. For video advertisers on the Web, tying talent and rights information to an ad server will help bring structure and best practices that simplify and connect workflows.

“As the video advertising landscape converges, advertisers need to be able to execute video campaigns across TV and the Web efficiently and responsibly. We’re pleased to launch our new integrated talent and rights solutions to help the industry eliminate steps, risks and costly mistakes,” said John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach. “For the first time, advertisers can have full transparency into the usage restrictions for every ad and the tools to automate and control compliance across every screen.”

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach is the leading provider of video advertising distribution, ad serving and talent & rights management solutions that span all video media. The company’s network seamlessly connects over 2,500 advertisers and agencies with more than 1,000 commercial production houses and 18,000 media destina¬tions across the U.S. and Canada, including every major broadcast network and all of the top websites. The Extreme Reach video platform simplifies the execution of ad campaigns across video media and is the indus¬try’s only platform that integrates both TV and online video advertising. The company is headquartered in Needham, Mass., with offices in New York, Chicago, Burbank, Detroit, Dallas, Seattle and Louisville.

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