A Guide to Better Ad Creative Asset Management

By Melinda McLaughlin  | 


As a thought leader partner with the ANA, we published several pieces in 2018. We’ve compiled them here to help marketers make creative asset workflow a competitive advantage and prepare for whatever media disruption comes next.


Chapter 1
Housing Video Ad Creative Where Everyone Can Get It

“Video ad serving is ad delivery. It’s just different than the process for linear TV delivery,” says Dan Brackett, ER’s CTO. Read this Q&A to understand why the two became siloed and, most importantly, how brands and agencies can benefit from aligning video ad serving and TV ad delivery.

Chapter 2
Take a Ride on the Creative (Workflow) Side

Explore the journey of ad creative, from the moment a master file is ready to when all assets are prepared and formatted for a campaign launch. Learn how to optimize creative asset workflow for speed and efficiency.

Chapter 3
To Fix Video Advertising’s Unnecessary Complexities, Just Look to the Internet

Why do today’s technology-driven efficiencies apply only to the media-buying side of the equation? Dan Brackett, ER’s CTO, explains and shares a simple solution for bridging media and creative.

Chapter 4
When Bad Things Happen to Good Video Ads

Preparing creative assets to activate a single ad campaign across linear TV and IP-based channels (e.g., digital video, video-on-demand, over-the-top content, connected TV, programmatic TV) is a nightmare when siloed solutions are involved. Now there’s a better way. Take a look behind the scenes to understand where the problems lie and how to avoid them.



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