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Talent & Rights Management for the Global Ad Industry

End-to-end integration with digital and linear delivery for precision compliance everywhere.

What sets us apart is we leave no room for risk

Everything for the Business of Storytelling

We power brands, agencies, and production companies behind the scenes of content creation.

Business Affairs
  • Casting Support
  • Estimating
  • Negotiations
  • Celebrity Guarantees
  • Contracts
  • Advice & Counsel
Talent Payments
  • Employer-Of-Record
  • Session Payments
  • Residuals, Renewals
  • Pension & Health Contributions
  • Tax Filing
  • Workers’ Compensation
Negotiation, Clearance & Contracts
  • Research
  • Union Status Checks
  • Terms Negotiations
  • Deal Memos
  • Re-Negotiations
Music Licensing & Publishing
  • Research
  • Licensing
  • Rights/Royalty Negotiation
  • Publishing
  • Administration
Global Rights Management
  • 140 Offices Worldwide
  • 45 Languages
  • Negotiation
  • Licensing
  • Payments
Production Support
  • On-Set Consultation
  • Time-Sheets
  • Union Regulations
  • Upgrades, Change Estimates
  • Performer Details
Production Tax Incentives
  • Location Evaluation
  • Applications
  • Filings
  • Savings Recoupment
Cross-Screen Compliance Tracking
  • Proprietary Digital Tracking Tags
  • Digital Compliance Dashboard
  • Immediate Stop Technology


See more than ever before for precision compliance.

Tech-forward. Human-centric. Future-ready.

Leverage the power of integrated global software, guided by unmatched experts around the world.

Expiration Notifications

Let technology do what it does best with automated notifications.

At-A-Glance Calendar

Easily see usage rights date ranges for various creative elements and media types.

Insight Dashboards

Track detailed talent payment and rights activity for continuous insight.

Digital Tracking

Deploy talent tags on digital creative assets so you track compliance wherever they roam.

Leave no room for risk

Integrated workflow ensures precision compliance.

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