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Video Ad Serving for TV Everywhere

Realizing the promise of convergent TV demands the integration of video ad serving and linear TV delivery.

This is the moment to embrace one creative-to-media supply chain.

Video ad serving is the delivery path to CTV, OTT, digital video, mobile, AVOD, and addressable TV.
Linear TV still plays a critical role in delivering rapid reach for brands, especially with live sports and events.
And, every media plan needs the creative in all the perfect shapes and sizes for every media destination.
Full integration of all activation steps is the way forward.
It’s no surprise that ER is the fastest growing independent video ad server in North America and expanding around the globe.

Our video ad serving solution frees agency teams from the mundane, puts them in the pilot’s seat, and delivers new benefits to their clients. ER’s top-tier technology stands up to any point solution and then stands out as the first and only future-of-tv solution integrated with the creative assets and linear campaign workflow.

  • MRC-accredited (US)
  • GDPR, CCPA, and COPPA compliant
  • IAB VAST & VPAID compliant
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Geo-level targeting
  • Sequential messaging
  • Frequency capping
  • Attribution, conversion tracking
  • AdTech partnerships & integrations
  • Public API

  • World-class customer service and support with dedicated account managers
  • Creative sourcing assistance
  • Easy-to-master campaign tools for self-service needs
  • Creative versioning and advanced digital creative expertise
  • Social creative services and delivery
  • Automated transcodes
  • 14-day release schedule for rapid innovation

  • Integrated with Talent Payments & Usage Rights management
  • Centralized creative library for CTV, linear, and all media
  • Rapid speed-to-market via integrated workflow
  • Single creative-to-media supply chain future-proofs operations
  • Convergent TV workflow reveals unprecedented insight
Learn how the world’s most successful marketers remove risk and waste from their workflows, while gleaning insights from campaign activation across all screens, globally.

Benefits of Extreme Reach Video Ad Serving


We simplify complex processes for streamlined campaign execution. A central creative library makes creative sourcing, global QC, and ad serving workflows easier and faster. Plus, with all publisher specs up-to-date in our platform, teams eliminate spec sheets forever.


Assets and data together enable better control in a single market or across global campaigns. View accredited analytics that drive performance, plus make swift campaign changes or creative swaps via our Campaign API, upload tools, automatic tag distribution, and more.


Workflow efficiencies and competitive pricing save time and money. Our technology and teams eliminate file rejection fees while integrated sourcing and ad preparation eliminate delays. ER’s exclusive tracking tag for digital media placements ensures usage rights compliance to avoid costly penalties.


Full-service account management with intuitive self-service tools, backed by 24/7 emergency support. Our consultative team includes local language experts to assist with any global campaign need or query. No relying on a ticketing system or help article. We are always here for you.

Agnostic data = actionable insight

Our dashboard and reporting bring essential transparency to every campaign.

At-a-glance insight with over 150 digital metrics

  • Impressions by device, publisher, aggregator vs. premium
  • Budget pacing
  • Ad engagement by platform
  • Incremental reach and frequency
  • Cross device attribution, conversion
  • Comparative creative performance
  • Log level data
  • Verification, brand safety
  • Viewability
  • And more …

Learn more about convergent TV analytics and optimization

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We sit at the center of a vibrant ecosystem.

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Video Ad Serving exactly where you need it.

Fully-integrated with a central creative library and all interrelated workflows around the world.

Video Ad Serving for TV Everywhere

Eliminate searching for creative, digital campaign delays, and rights infractions.

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