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Send the Creative to All the Right Places

Map which creative assets should fill which media placements.

Connect the dots and reach the right consumer with the right message.

This is straightforward when campaign creative is centralized and integrated with omnichannel delivery paths.

Unique Creative Identifiers

Start here. Enable tracking, measurement, and optimization by ensuring every unique creative asset is marked at the source. Whether your creative will play in one market or around the world, be ready to see exactly where it travels.

Set the Course for Stories to Screens

Ready for
We have you covered and your creative cleared. We provide a managed service solution and expert teams who partner with you to map your creative to the media and ensure clearance and compliance everywhere.
TV Everywhere
Mission Control
Make creative-to-media decisions in one place. We are the only platform that integrates every path in for creative assets with every path out to any screen. Assign the message to the medium with ease and make changes in real-time just as easily.

A single creative-to-media supply chain reveals everything you need to see and know.

  • Which creative is running in which placement
  • How creative is being deployed in local markets around the world
  • Which produced creative assets were never used
  • And so much more…

Connect Creative to Media

So many assets, so many placements.

Make mapping easy!