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See Convergent TV in Action

If your media plans are screen-agnostic, your execution should be too.

Make great things happen in one platform.

Light up the creative-to-media supply chain for unprecedented insight. See more and know more than ever before.

Holistic analytics drive campaign optimization as you follow consumer viewing behavior.

Intuitive tools power optimization across the TV landscape and around the globe

Comprehensive Measurement
We provide over 150 campaign metrics, from high-level data to granular measurement of media publishers, placements, creative, and more. Automated reporting enables fast revisions that amplify impact. For more robust analysis, leverage custom log-level reports which can be automatically pushed to an existing Amazon S3 bucket.

Creative Optimization

Near real-time analytics inform critical mid-campaign optimizations. Efficiently adjust creative flighting, easily monitor publisher/placement fraud rates, quickly optimize to higher performing placements, and automate creative optimization by Click-through Rate (CTR), Video Completion Rate (VCR), and Conversion Rate.

Open API
Our open architecture makes it easy to incorporate preferred third party measurement technology — from attribution, to ad verification, to audience segmentation. We’ll work with any vendor to streamline digital video workflow to drive your success.
Trusted and Independent
Our data and analytics are entirely agnostic — we do not buy or sell media. We provide unbiased, MRC-accredited, IAB-compliant, and TAG-verified insights. We believe it is essential to have an agnostic video ad server of record and linear TV partner in order to elevate the quality of inventory that advertisers expect.

Turn on all your TV and see it together

Integrate all forms of TV in one activation platform.

Carpe Diem: TV Everywhere!