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Move Creative at the Speed of Media

CTV | OTT | Mobile | Desktop | AVOD | Addressable TV | Linear TV

Video ad serving is powering the transformation of TV and linear TV remains a vital player for rapid reach. Every path to any screen is fully integrated in the ER platform.

Integrated convergent TV workflow enables continuous optimization as consumers move across screens.

All forms of TV activation in one platform reveals unprecedented insight.

See why ER is the fastest growing video ad server in North America and expanding across the globe.

We are the first and only global convergent TV activation platform

All-in-one and built to solve the challenges of content proliferation and audience fragmentation

Fully-integrated video ad serving and linear TV means teams can execute any TV/Video campaign the way people consume TV today.
  • Central creative library
  • Marked at the source—ID, Watermark, Fingerprint
  • Tagged for Talent & Rights compliance
  • Rapid speed-to-market
  • Optimization across screens
  • Holistic TV data, analytics, insight
Convergent TV Activity in One Platform
  • Which assets are being used and which aren’t
  • Which ads are running in which media placements
  • Which creative is running in each market
  • How are ads performing
Precision Compliance Mitigates Risk
  • Integrated talent payments & global rights management
  • Automated tracking, alerts, expiration notices
  • Rapid rights renewal for high performing creative assets
  • Immediate stops upon expiration across digital and linear

Let’s do TV better, together.

Transform campaign activation.

Activate great