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The Future is Addressable

Innovation is happening right now.

Where there’s an audience, there’s opportunity.

"TV advertising is changing, not just with the dramatic rise of CTV but also in the linear realm. It’s exciting to see progress on all TV fronts as we head into a flourishing future."

Dan Brackett, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Extreme Reach

The TV ecosystem has been touting the promise of addressable ads for a long time.

The reality is closer than ever.

Industry Collaboration

The rise of initiatives, like Project OAR, have resulted in an open-standards-based infrastructure that can minimize the barrier to entry for addressability in linear TV. We’re currently involved in live experiments with a coalition of partners and seeing the promise become a reality.

The Sandbox of Syndication

Syndicated programming in the US provides the perfect innovation lab for addressable TV. As the long-time leader in assembling and delivering syndicated programs to local stations, we saw the perfect opportunity for testing. With a relatively low cost of entry, brands can afford to run multiple campaigns with different targeting parameters for addressable ads.

Performance Marketing

The rapid rise of QR codes on linear TV ads accelerates the ability to test addressability and measure the impact in near-real time. We are seeing more and more of our customers (especially DTC brands) apply performance marketing approaches to linear TV as an extension of their digital strategies which, in turn, is accelerating innovation.

The evolution of the TV ecosystem is one of our favorite topics.

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