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Media Activation

Two simple words. Too many reasons to list why it’s not.

We believe activating brilliant plans should be fun, not frustrating.

Our convergent TV activation platform fully integrates digital video ad serving and linear delivery.

Workflow is directly connected to a central creative library with every asset in every shape and size.

Creative and media come together with unprecedented ease, precision, and insight.

All the creative in one place, integrated with every activation step and connected downstream into any media destination

Superior speed, efficiency, and accuracy to power activation and operations teams.

The only end-to-end solution for omnichannel activation across the globe

All-in-One Platform, Stellar Service, and 24/7 Support

The first and only fully-integrated convergent TV activation platform.

A Single Creative-to-Media Supply Chain

We move creative at the speed of media and enable on-going optimization.

Traffic & Clearance

We ensure flight plans are set and you're cleared for take-off, anywhere in the world.

Usage Rights Certainty

Integrated rights management ensures media activation is in compliance.

See More. Know More.

Fully-connected workflow reveals unprecedented insight.

Fully managed services for global campaign activation

Suite of campaign affairs services

Media Plan Management & Cross Channel Trafficking
  • Project management of your campaign activation process
  • Global coordination for multi-market campaign requirements
  • Regulatory approval with each market’s regulatory body
  • Assistance in mapping creative to media placements

Unique Creative Identifiers Across Markets
  • Expertise in local market requirements around the globe
  • Global unique identifier that works with each market’s standard

Production Services Assistance
  • Support for teams handling transcreation work
  • Compliance consulting and editing
  • Review of adaptations

Great work deserves great activation

Solve all the pain points in one move.

Eliminate friction now