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Campaign Creative For All

All right here, integrated with workflow.

Video-centric creative asset management, purpose-built for global campaign activation


Gender & Age Diversity in Global Ad Creative

AI-driven analysis of 2 million video ads around the world:
2019 to 2022

Creative Asset Management Right Where it Needs to Be

Integrated with talent payments, rights management, video ad serving, delivery, and, well, all the workflow to get creative from edit suites to screens around the world.

Seamless integration of asset management and campaign workflow delivers game changing benefits


Feel certain about quality and compliance. Assets and data are centralized and rights are
always locked to usage.


All teams, in-house and external, anywhere in the world, access content from a central cloud library.


Creative assets are secure in permissions-based portal with redundant file protection—online, near-line, and physical.


Push and pull assets and data from other essential systems via API or custom integrations. Dedicated Professional Services team manages onboarding and integration.


Extract every ounce of value from produced brand creative. Maximize reuse, know which assets were used the most, how they were adapted, and which were never used.

See creative asset information at-a-glance or dive into the details.

Track creative asset utilization across markets.

Our asset matching algorithm makes easy work of comparing adaptations across local markets.

Leverage ER’s AI and machine learning technology to see trends in diversity within creative, by brand, and region.

The goal is simple

Always be in control of your assets and maximize the value of your content.

Put Creative Asset Management at the center

ER goes the distance for the marketing team and all their partners—end-to-end and video-first.

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