Extreme Reach is recognized by the leading organizations that independently verify companies in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Extreme Reach is MRC Accredited

Desktop and Mobile Web (Mobile and Tablet)

  • Companion Display Impressions (served)
  • Video Impressions (served)
  • Video Play Events (Starts, Completions [%] and Completion Rate)
  • Unique Cookies
  • Frequency
  • Companion Display Clicks and CTR
  • Video Clicks and CTR

Desktop Video

  • Viewable Impressions
  • Non-Viewable Impressions
  • Viewability (Rate)
  • Measurable Impressions
  • Un-Measurable Impressions
  • Measurability (Rate)
  • Impression Distribution

GIVT Compliance

Extreme Reach is Verified by TAG

Extreme Reach is Verified by TAG and approved for listing in the TAG Registry. The Trustworthy Accountability Group recognizes companies that are committed to conducting business in a transparent manner across the digital advertising supply chain.

Extreme Reach is an IAB Member

Extreme Reach is member of the IAB and is VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and VPAID (Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition) compliant.

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