Why Work at ER?

We hire smart people. We don’t fill roles.

We believe in letting smart, driven people work across connected disciplines with the room and empowerment to be brilliant. We give our team members a defined role but our culture rewards people that go beyond their job description, driving success for themselves and the company.

We empower every individual to succeed, and it happens with true teamwork.

Recruitment FAQs

We’ve worked hard to build and maintain a culture of teamwork, accountability and a drive to deliver great results. We look for candidates that work relentlessly to solve problems while looking for efficiencies, they ask the right questions and are the first to admit when they don’t know something or have made a mistake. Our team members report thriving when co-workers are trustworthy and responsive and would rather take a risk and fail then do nothing at all. They also want a team of folks who are supportive and work together to relentlessly problem solve. If this sounds like you, you should keep an eye on our job postings and apply if you think you might be a good fit.

The interview process may look slightly different depending on the team you are interviewing with. Once you apply, the first step in interviewing will always start with a call or email from someone in HR. From there we will screen you to make sure your unique qualifications might be a good fit with the job you applied for. If you make it past that point we will have you meet with the interview team to discuss your background and get a sense for your fit with the team. Interviewing may include a few rounds from there and HR will be touching base along the way to let you know what each step entails.

Extreme Reach offers certain positions the ability to work from home/remotely two days per week with advance approval from your manager. The goal of this policy is to allow our team members greater flexibility and work life balance. Participation in this program is completely optional. Your remote work arrangement is based on maintaining a consistent level of high performance. Your manager will meet with you every three months to review and evaluate your performance. (See COVID-19 specific info below)

Extreme Reach is an essential business, therefore our offices have remained open throughout the entirety of the pandemic for a small percentage of essential team members. To ensure the safety of our team members and the general public we are planning a three phase return-to-office approach. The plan includes proper social distancing, adherence to local guidelines and enhanced workplace safety.  

Currently ER is in Phase 1,which caps office capacity at 25%. The majority of individuals returning to the office are doing so on a voluntary basis. Each office has a detailed schedule outlining the individuals that come in on specific days. If a team member chooses to come in they must check with HR to ensure we’re remaining under the 25% maximum capacity. Currently, all interviews are being conducted over video or phone.

We’ve put many measures in place to ensure the safety of our team members and help them feel comfortable in the office environment. This includes preventative measures and behavioral adjustments that will ensure the safety of ourselves and others. 

There is much to discuss on this topic. Further details of our return to office policy and safety protocols can be discussed with the HR team during the interview process.