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Why Quality Matters in Digital Video

Most of us don’t need an expert to see that digital video is riding a wave of popularity with brands and consumers alike. Whether it’s the massive growth of video advertising on YouTube and Facebook, or the continued proliferation of channels and devices where consumers can watch video, there’s no shortage of video opportunities for marketers. But even if it’s obvious that video and video advertising are growing in popularity, you may not realize that the quality of video is more important than ever before. Why? Here are four reasons why quality matters:

Consumers Won’t Watch If It’s Not High Quality
Think consumers will watch low-quality video? Think again. According to a recent survey of 1,000 adult internet users by Verizon Digital Media Services, the average time spent viewing video across all devices declined by 77% when the video quality dropped. This is even more critical when it comes to video ads, where getting a consumer to complete a brand message is key.

More Consumers Are Watching Video on Mobile Devices
As video viewing shifts to tablets and, more importantly, smartphones, quality becomes a big deal. Given the small screen size of mobile devices, which can already make viewing tough for some consumers, a low-quality video can be difficult to see or altogether unwatchable.

Videos Are a Reflection of the Brand
Every aspect of an advertisement, from the actual content to the music and the video quality itself, communicates something about the brand that made it. Even if your creative is top-notch, a low-quality video can easily suggest something less-than-perfect to potential customers.

High Quality Is Critical for Reaching Millennials
Millennial consumers are an increasingly important target for many advertisers, and as it turns out, a group that is particularly skeptical of low-quality video. One recent study of millennials between the ages of 26-34 found that 75% of millennials would “give up” on a video stream within four minutes if the quality was subpar. In this case, what goes for the content, also goes for the in-stream and pre-roll ads that appear within that content.

You can see how important quality can be to the overall video ad experience. Whether you’re trying to make sure your brand communicates quality to potential customers, hoping to target demographic groups like millennials, or optimizing for mobile devices, video quality is simply too important to leave up to chance. Learn how Extreme Reach ensures broadcast quality for every ad delivered across TV and digital video here.