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Why Multiplatform Video Buying is Here to Stay

We are truly living in a multi-screen media environment. One recent study of consumers’ multi-device habits found that 68% of internet users will simultaneously use their smartphones while watching TV at least once per month. Amidst this consumer shift, more advertisers are realizing that multi-platform video campaigns are a key tool to reach multi-tasking consumers. Here are three signs that multi-platform video buying is likely to grow even more in the years to come.

Multi-platform video ad spending is steadily increasing
A recent IAB study found that the share of advertising budgets spent on cross-platform TV and digital campaigns grew between 19% and 23% between 2014 and 2016. 82% of TV-Primary Buyers indicated that they plan to increase cross-platform spending and approximately two-thirds of all buyers say they will spend more on digital and mobile video. It’s interesting to note that the IAB study found that TV-Primary buyers are most optimistic about their future ad spend across all media types. This speaks to the complementary relationship between TV and video advertising that is becoming clear to increasing numbers of marketers. It’s no longer an either/or decision.

Better measurement options boost cross-platform video buying
It’s often been difficult for advertisers to track viewers as they shift between different screens. But that’s starting to change thanks to new methods for monitoring consumers’ cross-platform behavior. 46% of marketing executives in a recent Forrester study said that having the ability to track customers across different devices, apps and profiles had been a key reason for their marketing success. In addition, the growing embrace of data management platforms (DMPs) is also helping many advertisers stay on top of cross-platform performance.

Programmatic buying brings increased attention from advertisers to cross-platform video
Not only does the automated nature of programmatic make it easier for campaigns to “follow” consumer eyeballs across devices, but the buying technique is designed to focus on a target audience rather than any specific website or type of screen.

The trend toward multi-platform video is not a temporary spike: it’s here to stay. Expect advertisers to have more multi-screen options, along with more sophisticated technology for tracking and measuring their results as this approach continues to grow in popularity.