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Why Excellent Customer Service is Critical for Successful Video Ad Campaigns

There’s no question that video advertising has been a big boost for marketers, offering the perfect mix of speed and flexibility to complement TV campaigns. This is even more true thanks to the growing importance of programmatic advertising and self-serve ad platforms. But with more automation and self-service comes a potential roadblock. What happens when you run into a last-minute campaign problem? Here are a few reasons why having a video vendor with top-notch customer service is more important than ever:

Many parts of digital campaigns are still manual
For all the benefits of today’s more automated, self-serve, video ad environment, there are still parts of the process that remain stubbornly manual. Consider that creative assets and ad-serving tags are often delivered over email. These manual processes also mean there’s plenty of opportunity for error. Having a partner with the right customer service support means you can rest assured someone is there to help if there’s any kind of mix-up.

Automated campaigns often mean automated customer service
Automation offers lots of benefits for advertisers. But responsive customer service is one area where automation isn’t always in the advertiser’s best interest. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, many automated ad platforms outsource their customer service support to third-party call centers. Working with a vendor that offers a dedicated in-house customer support team can make all the difference when a problem needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Speed matters when there’s a problem
When a last-minute creative change or a technical problem affects your ad campaign, getting it fixed quickly is critical. But with the typical ad vendor, the turnaround time isn’t always clear. That’s especially true when a vendor offers “24- to 72-hour turnaround” time, which could mean your problem could be waiting as long as three days for assistance. Best-in-class video vendors often resolve customer service issues in a matter of hours, not days.

Ad campaign automation is great for plenty of reasons. But when your client’s ad campaign runs into a roadblock, automation is not always perfect fit. Consider giving your ad vendor’s customer service standards a closer look to ensure your next campaign runs without a hitch.