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What is the TRUST Tag?

The TRUST Tag™ is a new product from Extreme Reach that ensures your brand or agency is compliant with talent payments across all forms of digital media. Each year, hundreds of brands worldwide spend millions of dollars on unexpected fees and fines related to online advertising talent, and we think that’s just wrong. So we’ve created a solution.

Here’s the background…

Brands and agencies have had systems dating back decades to pay talent for their work in television commercials. Historically, these systems worked great, with effective workflows that accurately tracked TV contracts for actors and musicians — both on and off camera.

However, in the advertising landscape of 2016, paying talent is a lot more complicated. TV ads are often converted for use as digital video, and keeping of track of where they go once they get unleashed is a big challenge. As it turns out, 90% of video ads that run online also run on TV and, as amazing at it sounds, more than one-third of these online video ads do not follow legal talent and rights contracts. This is where the fees come in. Brands and agencies are paying millions of dollars in late payment and out-of-compliance fees. All because the industry has not had a simple means of tracking video ads to be sure they are in compliance. What a waste! That’s money that could be spent expanding an online video campaign or creating beautiful new video assets to further engage consumers.

A simple solution:

The TRUST Tag makes it easy to ensure compliance across all digital destinations. Like any standard tracking tag used in every digital campaign, the TRUST Tag is automatically wrapped around the video ad and travels with it everywhere. In real time, the tag pings our cloud database to verify that the necessary talent rights have been secured.

And… it’s FREE!

The TRUST Tag is an open solution designed to increase transparency and control industry wide. Any advertiser, agency, ad server, trading desk or publisher can use the tag for free.

It only makes sense to us that wherever ads go, TRUST should follow.