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Welcome to Extreme Reach

Hello!  Whether you know us well or you’re exploring Extreme Reach for the first time, we’re so glad you’re here.

We founded Extreme Reach over 8 years ago with the vision to power the world’s video advertising. We felt then that TV and video ads could one day move seamlessly through a single cloud platform to any screen so that campaigns and teams would work better, smarter, and faster together.

The vision is now a reality at a pivotal moment in our industry.

The last few years have seen major advances in the buying and selling of media. Programmatic video was merely a concept a few years ago, yet today, we are seeing major players report 40-50% of their volume being transacted programmatically with no signs of slowing down.

But, the underlying creative and production aspects that attempt to connect with speed-of-light media transactions are mired in manual inefficiency and disjointed workflows that bring the process to a crawl.

To know us is to understand the possibilities.

Everything begins with the central element of a campaign – the TV and/or Video ad. These ads are the culmination of months of strategic and creative work, carrying with them hefty production price tags and high stakes. They are the marketers’ crown jewels.

Step One. The first chapter of our company growth was to move the entire process of TV ad distribution into the cloud. Today, on behalf of thousands of advertisers and agencies, we move roughly 8 out of every 10 TV ads seamlessly from the post-production house to all TV stations on the plan with a few simple keystrokes.

Step Two. Next – and essential to being the trusted steward of a brand’s crown jewels — is the complex management of talent & rights compliance that comes with each of those ads. We are proud to serve roughly 90% of this market sector, with a full suite of business affairs capabilities.

The Capstone. Video across every screen is now the way of the world. Extreme Reach’s advanced video ad serving technology — accredited, certified, and massively scalable – automatically converts TV and video ads into the myriad formats required and gets them to every screen, returning robust analytics and insights.

Our core technology moves in lockstep with the pace of programmatic.

Imagine this…

A brand’s TV ads live securely in the cloud in pristine quality and ready to be put to work. Those beautiful ads work in synchronicity with programmatic TV and video campaigns and are automatically served in real-time to engage consumers on every screen. Every ad is fully compliant with talent & rights guidelines. Within minutes the dashboard is alight with analytics and insights.

This is Extreme Reach today. Won’t you join us?

John Roland, CEO